GTA & Sisterisle Radio Parang Train deliver Hampers to the Top Hill Senior Citizens Home & Princess Royal Hospital

See below, images of the Grenada Tourism Authority & Sisterisle Radio 92.9 Carriacou Parang Train, as they delivered Hampers to the Top Hill Senior Citizens Home & Princess Royal Hospital on Sunday 16th, December 2018

Ideas are merely thoughts without the right individuals to action. When Rina Mills brought up the idea of the ‘Parang Train’, never in our wildest dreams did we expect it to be anything close to what it was. Anderson Matheson thank you for steering the train,  we don’t know you to be a driver but you steered the train perfectly well. Neal Bassie Matheson thank you for travelling to join us. To the Grenada Tourism Authority, thank you very much for your Sponsorship. To the members of the Royal Grenada Police Force, our voice Shem, DJ Fabulous and everyone else who contributed in making it a success. Thank you very much

Here are some photos of the Parang Train members as they delivered Hampers to the Hill Top Senior Citizens Home and the Princess Royal Hospital respectively on Sunday 16th, December 2018.

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Thank you Nazim A. Benjamin of for joining the Train and covering the events.

Sisterisle Radio 92.9
Hillsborough, Carriacou

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