Where To Stay in Grenada – 5 Grenada Resorts

Where To Stay In Grenada - 5 Grenada Resorts For Your Next Vacation To The Spice Island Of The Caribbean

(Caribbean & Co) Once you’ve decided to vacation in Grenada, the Spice Island of the Caribbean, one of the major decisions is deciding on a hotel. Where to stay in Grenada depends in part on your budget, who will be joining you on the trip and the range of activities you plan to partake on the island. With that in mind, below are five Grenada resorts to consider four of which I stayed at during my recent two-week visit. My list of Grenada resorts to consider includes Coyaba Beach Resort, Laluna Resort, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, and Sandals LaSource Grenada  CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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Image: Coyaba Beach Resort
Source: Caribbean & Co 


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