V’ghn visit to Okinoerabu Island in Japan

Following his visit to a Okinoerabu Junior High School on Okinoerabu Island (Japan), V’ghn took to his Facebook page on June 3rd, 2019 where he posted the following message together with a few photos.

V’ghn OfficialAfter a few sleepless nights, we traveled to Okinoerabu Island today, where I not only got the opportunity to spread my music but as a cultural ambassador of my country 🇬🇩 got a chance to teach the students of the local junior high school on the island a bit of my culture including the national anthem of Grenada. Much more than just new fans of my music, they’re also now fans of my country and Caribbean culture.

Thank you to selectorhemo yuuuristella and lime_records for pioneering this opportunity 📸 visualsandjuice  Okinoerabujima

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