Utility Boat donated to Grenada by the United States Coast Guard

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The Office of the Prime Minister of Grenada – Earlier today, June 27th, 2023, we had the privilege of receiving a significant donation from the Government of the United States through the U.S. Coast Guard. Prime Minister and Minister for National Security, Honourable Dickon Mitchell, graciously accepted the PB08 Utility Boat on behalf of our nation, presented by Ambassador Linda S. Taglialatela. This donation represents a remarkable addition to our maritime capabilities, strengthening our ability to protect our waters.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Mitchell expressed sincere gratitude for this generous contribution and highlighted the advanced features of the boat, including the latest Furuno navigational systems and tactical communications. He emphasised that these communication capabilities enable seamless coordination with other military vessels and aircrafts, allowing us to respond swiftly and effectively to maritime emergencies.

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We are deeply appreciative of this gesture, which will undoubtedly enhance our capacity to safeguard our maritime interests and protect our shores.

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