Tribute to the late Peter Bain – Always making something happen

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The late Peter Bain during the Carriacou’s 2017 Carnival Celebrations

Covid continues to wreak havoc in heart-wrenching, gut-vacuuming unbearable ways. Apart from the interruption to normal life as we know it, the sudden and monumental loss of life and subsequent unceremonious farewells are making this period of human existence almost unbearable.

One such loss is a giant in community development, culture and sports.

The death of Peter Bain hurts emotionally but also has taken away part of Grenville and by extension St. Andrew. It is no exaggeration to say that the Big Parish will never be the same without the presence of Peter Bain.

Accolades have been extended and tributes paid with a major focus on Peter’s contribution through and to the Mas movement. However, Mr. Bain was much more than just the producer of a Mas band – the man was an Institution.

The most impressive quality one can associate with Peter Bain was his desire to always want to make things happen. Mas aside, there was the Mother’s Day Queen show, his 20/20 concept for football to provide competition and entertainment. His support of his daughter’s Janelle’s music career went beyond the perfunctory fatherly duties to more of a fan-like obsession.

A project that was spear-head by Peter in recent times was his idea of a tribute and fittingly so of the 3 T’s – namely Timpo, Tangler and Teller, three of St. Andrew most prominent Calypsonians and Cultural Luminaries. Mt Bain proffered the idea of naming the roundabout just off the Paradise Bridge after the 3 T’s with an annual cultural activity acknowledging their individuals contributions to the overall development of Culture in Grenville, St. Andrew and Grenada.

The legacy of Peter will be deservedly sealed with the completion of the afore-mentioned projects and a lasting, significant tribute to the man Himself.

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Peter Bain (mic in hand) at Carriacou Carnival 2019 on behalf of Rainbow City Mas Promoters, recognizes Harrison Fleary (bottom left) of Carriacou for his assistance towards Peter’s Mas Band.

Peter Bain’s greatest Mas achievements was not the many victories in St. Andrew and nationally but his selfless contribution to the development of Carnival in Carriacou by ensuring his band became an annual fixture at the Sister Isle’s pre-Lenten celebrations of Carnival. With no prize monies or titles at stake Peter made the sojourn to the north for love of culture and mas. Another major accomplishment of Peter Bain was the establishment of a year-round Carnival secretariat to look after the affairs of the celebrations in St. Andrew. This unprecedented achievement happened during his tenure as the Chairman of the St. Andrew Carnival Committee.

As a Disc Jockey in Grenada if you never played at Bain’s Upper Level alongside DJ Hawke (Peter Bain) your DJing CV will never be complete. On Saturday October 9th on his mid-morning show DJ Shortleg paid a fitting and well-executed tribute to DJ Hawke with many local DJs speaking of their experiences at Bain’s Upper Level and their professional and personal relation with Peter Bain (DJ Hawke).

To the Wife, Children and Family of Peter Bain your loss is our loss – his extended family will miss him forever and ever.

At the end of this pandemic or at least when there is some sense of normalcy there has to be a huge (encapsulating the entire Town of Grenville) celebration of the life of Peter Bain.

The Man’s desire was to always to make something happen – let’s keep things happening in his Honor!

Dexter Mitchell
Made in Grenada

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