SPICEMAS Physical and Online ticket outlets

Spicemas Physical and Online ticket outlets for:
Terrific Thursday (Calypso Finals)
Regular EC$50 | on the day EC$60

Bacchanal Friday (Soca Monarch)
Early Bird EC$75 | Reg EC$100 | on the Day EC$120

Pantastic Saturday Ultra (Panorama)
Early Bird EC$80 | on the Day EC$100

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Can be purchased at the following outlets:
– Grenadian Optical, Grand Anse & St. George
– Gittens Pharmacy, Grand Anse
– Spicemas Corporation Office, GCNA Complex, Kirani James Blvd
– Chic Regardez (upstairs Digicel Grenville)
– Kalico, Sauteurs
– Pay Per View https://bit.ly/3zyLbLQ
– Online at Go2fete.com

Spicemas Corporation 


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