Carnival 2019: How to apply for temporary electric connection

Applications due by Thursday, August 8, 3:30 pm

Applications due by Thursday, August 8, 3:30 pm

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To apply for a festival electrical connection, please complete steps 1 through 4 by Thursday, August 8, 2019, 3:30pm. Service connections begin 12 noon August 11, 2019.

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  1. Complete Application for Inspection (licensed electrician)
  2. Pay Electrical Inspection Fee: Present completed Application for Inspection Form.
  3. Bring the application and receipt to the Electrical Inspectorate Unit at the Ministerial Complex.
  4. Provide the following to Grenlec:
    • Completed Application for Temporary Connection. Click for Form
    • Copy of Application for Inspection Form submitted to the Electrical Inspectorate Unit.
    • Treasury receipt showing payment for inspection.
    • Valid ID (driver’s license, voter ID card, passport or NIS card).
    • Pay flat fee of $230 for connection, VAT and usage.
  5. Licensed electrician completes wiring prior to inspection
    *A covered mounted board with meter base, main switch and double socket outlet.
    *Sturdy structure for service line.
    *Setup should meet requirements of Government
    Electrical Inspectorate.
  6. Electrical Inspectorate and Grenlec will visit booths together for inspection and connection.


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