Summercrew launches first batch of Bikini Cruise 2020 Tickets

Tickets will be sold in batches with the first batch being at a special price.

Greetings to all of you wonderful people, for those of you who have been sending us messages wanting to find out what is happening in relation to carnival 2020.

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We want to let you know that our annual BIKINI CRUISE boat ride was launched on the 15th of December 2019 with the first batch of tickets going on sale on the said day. As usual the tickets will be sold in batches with the first batch being at a special price. Here is how it works, you purchase your limited advance ticket now for the Bikini cruise and benefit from the savings. Then once we launch all the Boats, you have first choice to select what boat you will like to go on. These tickets won’t last long so take advantage of this special offer early

In relation to fancy mas and other events, we are presently considering all the options and will make a final decision soon.

We know 2019 was a difficult year for masqueraders in Grenada with what occurred with those foreign bands disguised as local bands, and we want to encourage everyone to please be careful when it comes to signing up to play mas as your experience is extremely important to Grenada carnival on a whole as well as the genuine local bands out there.

We at Summercrew have had a slogan since day one which basically says “It does not matter which band you play in, so long as you playing mas you are a winner”.

Well after 2019 we want to change that to say it does matter which band, support local and choose where you know they are in it for the love of it and NOT to build personal bank accounts. If you do that I am sure your experience will be off the chain for 2020

Bobby Steele

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