Spicemas Corporation (SMC) issues statement following the unfortunate incident at their Office

It is important that we all work towards achieving a sustainable carnival product, a successful carnival 2019, many events, one carnival

As Chairperson of the Spice Mas Corporation, it is important that I speak on the two separate issues coming from what unfolded today with officials from Mt Pure Water and the Spice Mas Corporation.

We have seen various video versions of a confrontation at the office of the SMC involving an official of the water company and our Chief Executive Officer.

I wish to categorically state that the board and the management of the SMC do not condone or advocate any form of violence, be it deliberate or provoked. As such, we have immediately ordered a full review of what transpired and have already received a comprehensive report from the SMC staff present at the time of the disturbance.

Additionally, the SMC staff would have also placed a call to the Royal Grenada Police Force and it is our understanding that they are conducting an investigation.

We are committed to having a final conclusion of this matter in short order.

On the other matter of the Mt Pure Water complaint, this matter would be addressed legally as an injunction has been filed.

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It is instructive to note that as part of the SMC’s mandate, we are expected to seek sponsorship for all our events. Whilst doing that, it is imperative that we protect our sponsors and their commitment to the delivery of our carnival product.

It will be a breach of our sponsorship engagement if we were to allow any brand that competes with our approved sponsors.

Through our many engagements, we have successfully concluded contractual arrangements with a number of stakeholders and sponsors, whose valuable support is key for the successful execution of carnival.

Besides SMC organized events, there are many other opportunities available throughout the season that companies can embrace to promote their brand and sell their products.

We are optimistic that Spice Mas 2019 will be one of the biggest carnivals ever – and we are excited about the opportunities for positive financial impact for vendors, small traders, local companies and Grenada as a whole.

It is important that we all work towards achieving a sustainable carnival product, a successful carnival 2019, many events, one carnival.


Spicemas Corporation Public Relations

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