Meet the Board of Directors leading the way for Spicemas 2023

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BACK ROW L-R: Silvan Chan, Marieo Castle, Edwin Francis, Siobhan Lloyd, Deliris Winsborrow and ACP John Mitchell | FRONT ROW L-R: Victor Ashby, Christopher Phillip, Cecil Noel, Kirt Ross and Frances Purcell

These visionaries are the guiding light and strategic thinkers who are working behind the scenes to ensure that Spicemas 2023 is a success by exploring innovative ways to elevate and evolve our festivities.

Each member brings a wealth of experience and a shared passion for celebrating and promoting our vibrant culture.

Spicemas 2023 – The Evolution.

Mr. Kirt Ross – Chairman
Mr. Cecil Noel – Chief Executive Office
Ms. Frances Purcell – Human Resource & Vice Chair
Ms. Siobhan Lloyd – Legal/Queen Pageant
Mr. Christopher Phillip – Business & Finance
Mr. Marieo Castle – Creative Industry
Mrs. Deliris Winsborrow – Culture
Mr. Edwin Francis – National Lottery Authority
ACP John Mitchell – Royal Grenada Police Force

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