Skinny Banton says THANK YOU

Thank you to every new supporter that I gained

Photo: Skinny Banton Facebook page

Thank you Trinidad and Tobago!! I had tons of first time experiences while in Trinidad and Tobago for the Carnival. I came here with hope but not too many expectations and my experiences exceeded my hope.

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Thank you to every event organizer and promoter that took a chance on me and featured me in your events.

Thank you to every DJ that played ‘Wrong Again’ on air, in events and on the road on Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you to every new supporter that I gained.

Thank you to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique for the support I received

Thank you to my Trinidad team
Adanna Asson @creativamediapr
Dion Gomez
Jabari Burnett
Frankie Spoilbrattz

Look out for me as I begin touring and look out for new music.

#SkinnyBanton #SurvivingHorn #SocaCitizens #JabJabNation #DBDB #Dover #IAmjamba #WorldChamp #Undefeated 🇬🇩🌍💯🤞 

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