Grenada’s Sabrina Francis returns from her UK Tour

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. – It’s been a long two weeks. We did the shows we planned in the UK, I enjoyed them. Especially the one in Bush Hall London, the turn out was very nice. I had some in-person BBC Radio interviews leading up to it which was special. I also met some memorable people.

Namely the musicians I did these shows with. You may know that I didn’t fly with my Treehouse band this time around but decided to try out some UK musicians and see how that goes. For the most part they did not disappoint.

Here’s a quick video summarizing my trip

Now that I’m back home, I turn my attention to preparing for my upcoming local shows which also promises to be an experience.

Wide Open on the 26th of November, Treehouse in December and a surprise for old years night!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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Chat soon,

Sabrina Francis


About Sabrina Francis

Sabrina Francis is on a unique musical journey which started in 1994 on the small Caribbean island of Grenada. Born to a large family of artistically driven individuals, but in a country where opportunities and access for creatives are very limited.

This lack however, hasn’t stopped Sabrina from pursuing her goal of having a global impact through her music. Taking advantage of every opportunity thus far, Sabrina creates an emotive blend of Afro-Caribbean Pop. The overarching theme thought-out her songs speak to female independence, mental health and the shared experiences of hard working individuals trying to fashion success out of whatever situation they may be in.

Although quiet and controlled in demeanor, Sabrina is very adventurous and playful with her music. Pulling from the array of musical influences she’s had growing up, the singer isn’t shy about experimenting and incorporating different styles in her musical creations, which has led to an individual sound that is sure to forge its own distinctive path in the musical arena.

She’s released three bodies of work so far, ‘Think In Colour’, ‘I Feel’ her second album and her EP ‘Million Moments’. In 2019 ‘I Feel’ earned a finalist prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. In 2020, she launched her ‘Sabrina’s Treehouse Concerts’ series which has flourished since the first show in 2020 and In 2021 she toured Europe and the UK.

Sabrina continues to work hard and overcome hurdles in the constant pursuit of her dreams. The objective is clear and we don’t see her slowing down anytime soon.

See and hear more about Sabrina:
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