RGPF PUBLIC NOTICE | New E-Mail Addresses for persons applying for new passes as per category of services

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The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) wishes to inform the general public that with immediate effect persons applying for new passes should use the following email addresses as per category of services:

  1. rgpfcovbusiness@gmail.com (For registered business owners who wish to visit their business places in the event of emergencies/alarms/fires etc.)
  1. rgpfcovcaregiver@gmail.com (Only persons caring for the sick) 
  1. rgpfcovsupplier@gmail.com (For wholesale outlets, fishermen, vegetables and fruits, makers of face masks)
  1. rgpfcovfarmer@gmail.com (For poultry/ vegetable/livestock farmers)
  1. rgpfcovmaintenance@gmail.com (For IT maintenance companies/business IT personnel/ CCTV maintenance etc)

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  1. rgpfcovmedical@gmail.com (For Medical Doctors/Nurses/ Pharmacists/Drug Stores etc) 
  1. rgpfcovemergency@gmail.com (Appointments/ Sickness/ Injuries/ Accidents etc)
  1. rgpfcovessential@gmail.com (Police/ Nurses/Doctors/Security)


PS. Prior issued passes remain binding as per validity date.

Source:       Office of Commissioner of Police
Contact:     Community Relations Department
                    440-3764; 405-5324

Date:          Monday 20th April, 2020

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