Giant plastic bottle collection receptacle installed at Maurice Bishop International Airport

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Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority Sunday, June 23, 2024Grenada Airports Authority is now the proud owner of a giant plastic bottle collection receptacle, which was fabricated and delivered by the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority.

The Giant bottle, which now stands outside the GAA Maurice Bishop International Airport departure Lounge, was installed on Friday 21st June 2024. The decision by GAA to be the first institution to join the initiative to aid in avoiding the release of plastics into the environment by installing the first such unit at the Airport is viewed as exemplary and commendable.

Management of GAA who were on hand to receive the unit and oversee its installation, were delighted at the new addition to its facilities for effective waste management. Onlookers were also delighted with the new and unusual feature, excited to put it into immediate use and the creativity by builders Lawrence George and Jamie Victor. All plastic bottles deposited into the unit will be recycled by the GSWMA.

Thank You Grenada Airports Authority for your commitment to environmental protection, protection of Human Health and environmental enhancement. 

Photos from the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority Facebook page

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