Official Statement on behalf of Soca artiste Clint John aka Super Flying Flint

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July 21st, 2023 – All my fans and the public must know that the events surrounding my disqualification from this year’s Soca Monarch semifinals did not arise from any deliberate attempt to cheat.

I appreciate that the public needs a complete explanation, even while unconditionally apologizing to my many fans and well-wishers for the turn of affairs.

After impressively performing in the preliminary rounds, I was initially awarded a place in the competition’s semifinals.

My name was among those initially published as qualifiers for the event until it was subsequently withdrawn.

The song I performed at the preliminary was submitted as per the rules for pre-vetting and approval. It was subsequently approved, and I sang it at the judging station.

After the list was published, it was later brought to my attention by Spicemas that the song I performed, called Signal, was originally sung in 2014 at the semifinal stage of Soca Monarch in Grenada.

I have yet to release many songs. I counted Signal among them. I had no recollection of using it back in 2014. I was adamant that Spice Mas Corporation forward the proof.

At that stage, I accept the decision of the Spice Mas Corporation.

There were no other motives behind that development.

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Both sides have been very respectful and accommodating in jointly trying to assert the facts.

To all my supporters and well-wishers, I apologize from the depths of my heart and promise to deliver next year. Please, Lord: love and respect your favorite Super Flying Flint.


Nigel D.Stewart
Attorney at Law,
Soca artiste Clint John, aka Super Flying Flint

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