NOTICE – Sea turtle hunting season is NOW closed

Ocean Spirits – Sea turtle hunting season is NOW closed – from APRIL 1ST until AUGUST 31ST 2022.

If you are caught with a sea turtle of any species in your possession during this time you can face 2 years imprisonment and or EC$5000 fine. You have been warned.

If you see a turtle during these dates in someone’s possession call the police immediately and you can also call our hotline for our support 🙂

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May be an image of text that says 'NOTICE Fisheries (Amendment) Regulation 1996 CLOSED SEASON The Minister responsible for Fisheries pursuant to the Fisheries (amendment) regulation, 1996, hereby gives notice that she has declared the period hereafter mentioned as the CLOSED SEASON for Lobster, Turtles and Sea Urchins (Sea Eggs). LOBSTERS TURTLES -1st May 31st August 2022 April- SEA URCHINS (SEA EGGS) August 2022 -Ist April 31st August 2022 Any persons found violating these regulations will be persecuted to the full extent of the law. Thanks for your usual kind cooperation.'
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