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ST. GEORGE’S GRENADA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 2020, GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE (GIS):- As part of continued national efforts to safeguard and update the Grenadian population amidst the present threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Health announced that as of today Wednesday March 18, 2020, there is still NO CONFIRMED case of (COVID-19) in Grenada.

The Ministry received its latest test results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CAPRHA), which indicated that all 8 samples, including contact tracing done at the Radisson Hotel, were negative.

Health Minister, Hon. Nickolas Steele told the GIS that despite the welcomed news, he and his team will not get complacent, and the Ministry will continue to encourage more people to get tested, as necessary. “We’ll keep searching, we’ll keep looking, we’ll keep screening and we’re continuing with contact tracing where we see possible risks, even though we’ve seen those tests come back negative.”

Minister Steele, who has been actively engaging and lending his full support to his frontline staff, as well as other agency personnel engaged in response work, said “We are continuing our due diligence at our ports and inside (on island). As I’ve said before, publicly, we’re continuing to act as though there are individuals here that we haven’t found and I think it’s the safest position to take, so we’ll continue testing, and the team will continue working almost 24 hour days”, explained the island’s Health Minister, who has praised the efforts of all stakeholders.

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To date 18 samples have been tested, all of which returned negative.

Despite the latest results, the Ministry of Health says the public must be mindful that now is not the time to be complacent but to heed all prevention, preparation and precautionary measures, especially the practice of proper hand, cough and sneeze hygiene, and social distancing.


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