NAWASA Updates on Infrastructure Recommissioning Post-Hurricane Beryl

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July 2nd, 2024, St. George’s, Grenada: The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) advises the public that as of 5:00 PM this afternoon, about 70 percent of our water supply capacity on mainland Grenada has been recommissioned following the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

The hurricane had a significant impact on our water systems, causing downed trees, broken raw water and transmission lines, and landslides. The parish of St. Andrew was the most affected, with four out of nine serving water systems still impacted, namely Mamma Cannes, Mirabeau, Mt. Horne, and Spring Gardens. Our teams will continue restoration efforts tomorrow morning for these water systems, as well as for the impacted water systems in Clozier, Union, Fountain, and Tufton Hall on the western side of the island.

NAWASA informs all consumers that while several water systems have been restored, complete restoration is projected to be completed by Saturday, July 6th, 2024. NAWASA’s Water Tankers will be deployed in affected communities, with priority given to health facilities and designated hurricane shelters. Additionally, there may be leaks in the distribution network that can affect water supply distribution. We urge everyone to report any leaks promptly to NAWASA to help ensure a consistent water supply.

NAWASA thanks everyone for their patience and understanding during this challenging period. For further updates and information, please stay tuned to our social media channels and local media for official announcements.

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