NAWASA | Challenges Mount as Dry Season Takes Its Toll on Water Systems [see images inside]

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St. George’s, Grenada, May 19th, 2023 – As the dry season continues to affect the region, NAWASA is drawing attention to the challenges faced by local water systems. 12 water systems are among the hardest hit, with some areas experiencing a significant reduction in production.

Annandale and Les Avocat water systems have been particularly affected, recording a 40 percent reduction in production. This has led to shortages in some areas and increased pressure on other water systems to meet demand. The situation is expected to worsen as drought conditions continue with some water systems likely to face more severe challenges in the coming weeks, unless there is significant rainfall.

The Annandale Water System which is the largest in Grenada, according to data collection, is currently experiencing a shortage of almost 1 million gallons, resulting in an impact on the water supply to the southern part of the island. As of May 18th, 2023, Annandale is producing 1.4 million gallons per day, a drop from its maximum production of 2.5 mgpd, while another critical system, Les Avocat Water System has a production shortfall of 100,000 gallons, with communities such as La Borie, St. Paul’s, Morne Delice hardest hit.

While valve regulations and water truck delivery are implemented to manage the situation, it is not enough to cushion the effect of the shortfall. NAWASA is calling on all individuals to manage their water supply and use it wisely during this challenging time.

Ag. General Manager Ms. Dennies Burris notes that “NAWASA is at a time when we need the support of the entire community to manage their water supply and use it wisely. We urge everyone to conserve water by avoiding unnecessary use and fixing leakages in their homes and businesses.”

Ms. Burris added “In spite of the challenges, our team will be working around the clock to identify the best solutions to address these challenges and ensure that communities have access to safe and reliable water sources. If the dry season prolongs in the current fashion, NAWASA will have to approach the Government to enforce restrictions on water use, as was done in 2010”.

NAWASA thanks the public for their understanding and cooperation during this crucial period.

The current water level at Les Avocat Water Dam.
Les Avocat Water System. Due to shortfalls, water is not able to flow over the spillwall.

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Les Avocat Water System.
The current water levels at the Annandale Dam.
Due to shortfalls, water is not over the spill wall.
Arial View of the Les Avocat Water System.

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