Statement from Grenada’s Ministry of Health

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Statement from the Ministry of Health

St. George: December 29, 2021: With the increase in social activities during the festive season, the Ministry of Health has recorded an expected increase in the number of people testing positive for COVID-19.

The Ministry has identified several factors that can account for this including increases in social gatherings, non-adherence to protocols, and a rise in travel to and from Grenada.

All countries around the world are experiencing similar conditions and as such, Grenada is not likely to be any different.

In its continued efforts to safeguard the population, the Ministry of Health has taken all the necessary measures to prevent a repeat of the detrimental effects of the surge which occurred from August to October.

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The measures have included strengthening of surveillance at ports of entry, improvements in the country’s health systems, and continuous access to, and availability of COVID-19 vaccines. In fact, Grenada now has the largest selection and number of available vaccines per capita than ever before.

The Ministry’s strategy has also included increased testing, and health officials continue to encourage everyone to get tested if he/she has been exposed to, or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Testing is available on weekdays at all health centers and on weekends at various vaccine/ testing clinics throughout the island.

Dr. Myanna Charles, Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health says “We do not want to revisit our past experiences, but this largely depends on each individual’s behaviour, adhering to protocols that are intended to protect ourselves and by extension our community and our country.”

She added “We also do not want to revisit the days of curfew, lockdowns, and other stringent measures, so we are asking the general public to be mindful of COVID-19 during their everyday activities. The end of the year is usually filled with many social events as persons gather to ring in the New Year. We appeal to everyone to act responsibly.”

The Ministry of Health has issued a reminder of the recommended protocols:

  • Wear a mask properly while in public.
  • Avoid unnecessary social gatherings. Please be mindful that events that are held indoors carry a greater risk of transmission of COVID-19
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Sanitise or wash hands regularly
  • Get tested if you are exposed or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Stay at home and quarantine if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

    Get vaccinated. If you already received your primary series of a COVID-19 vaccine, then get boosted


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