[VIDEO] Grenada’s Ministry of Education approves return of more students to the classroom

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St. George: November 12, 2021: Cabinet has approved phase two of the Ministry of Education’s staggered approach to the return of students to school, and, acting on the advice of the Ministry of Health and Social Security, the Ministry of Education has approved the return of more students to the classroom.

The Ministry of Education says phase two will be rolled out from Monday, November 15, 2021, and will be based on the readiness of schools, and school specific plans that will cater to the maximum number of students on site while maintaining a physical distance of six feet.

Students who cannot be accommodated face to face, or those whose parents are not yet comfortable to send them back, will be supported through online engagements.

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Parents should await directions from principals during this phase, but should note that all groups of students (students in exit grades, students unable to connect electronically) will have a specified minimum number of days at school before the end of the term.

The Ministry continues to focus on building resilience to deal with this crisis, and any future crisis that has the potential to affect Grenada’s education sector.

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