Let’s support Petra in her time of need

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Season’s Greetings to all from Partygrenada.com. Earlier today, we received a message from Bobby Steele of Summercrew Grenada with some very sad news about someone, who many of us in the entertainment industry have been friends with for many years. Please take a moment to read and share the following message from Bobby, so our dear friend Petra can receive the much needed financial support for her operation.

Petra Moodoo

Good morning everyone, today (Dec 26th) I got phone call with some very sad news a close friend Petra Moodoo has been diagnosed with cancer. The good news is that it has been detected early enough that they can operate. Her mom said the operation date is set for Jan 07th, 2019 but due to the high costs of the operation, she is asking for any financial assistance that can be given as well as to keep our loved friend in our prayers.

Based on the discussions I had with her mom we have to try and raise about Bds$7000 to cover the cost of the operation and having her mother there with her through this difficult time.

Any contribution can help and will be greatly appreciated. Petra has been a long standing member of Summercrew for many many years and in recent times gained island wide praise in Barbados for finding a tourist wallet that was filled with money and going out of her way to return it in tact to the tourist, showing the true quality of the individual she is; I am reaching out to everyone, let us help her in her time of need.

If you would like to contribute you can contact myself on (473) 423-4401 or her mother (473) 533-3829. You can also make a contribution to Account #421006396 in the name of Merrilene Modoo at any Grenada Co-operative Bank Branch.

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We have to do this quickly, as it is imperative that she has the operation on the January 7th, 2018.

I know things are a bit tight for everyone but what better way to celebrate Christmas than giving someone a chance to survive this disease. And I can think of no one that deserves our help more than this individual who has always reached out to help others.

Bobby Steele

Petra, posted the following to her Facebook profile just after midday on Boxing Day

“On December 4th I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve been battling it and dealing with my depression silently; but the cat is out of the bag now. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. I’m being told “don’t worry” and “be strong” but it’s not as easy tbh. Apparently I’m not as strong as I thought I was on most days. But the good thing is I have an AMAZING support system. And I’m extremely thankful. 🙏🏽 There’s so much I can say but I choose not to vent. Taking it one day at a time” #CANCERSUCKS


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