Grenada’s 50th Anniversary logo philosophy explained

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Grenada’s 50th Anniversary of Independence

The 50th Anniversary logo embodies our theme “One People, One Future, One Journey. It features a traditional Belair Dancer, an embodiment of our rich heritage and a tribute to the trailblazers who paved our path. Beside her, a young boy stands as a symbol of a promising future and the continuity of our legacy. Their hands, outstretched towards each other, symbolizing unity, emphasizing the strength in collaboration and shared responsibility. Above them, a dove soars, not only signifying a hopeful future but also indicating progress and upward movement. At the base of these are outlines of our mountainous terrain and iconic Grand Etang Lake which symbolizes our cherished island and the collective journey of its inhabitants.

This work of art was skillfully crafted by Grenadian designer, Ordell DeRiggs.
#grenadaturns50 #grenadaindependence #puregrenada #celebrategrenada

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