Huggins appoints two new directors

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George F. Huggins & Company Grenada Limited is elated to announce the appointment of Mr. Bryan A. Strachan and Mr. Sheldon R. Alexander to its Board of Directors.

Bryan Strachan

Mr. Bryan Strachan joined the services of Huggins on 1st November, 1982 as a clerk in the Customs Department and was later appointed Manager-Customs, Costing and Invoicing, a position he presently holds.

During his tenure as a manager, Mr. Strachan strove to enhance his managerial skills by completing several courses of study at the University of Cambridge Tutorial College as well as the University of the West Indies. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in Customs and Trade matters. Mr. Strachan presently serves as a member of the Company’s Senior Management Committee, Industrial Relations Negotiations Committee and is the team lead for the Administration Division’s Disaster Preparedness response.

Mr. Sheldon Alexander joined Huggins in 1999 as Operations Supervisor at the Air Cargo Division. He has held the positions of Manager, Good Year Tyre Centre, Manager – Air Cargo Division and Divisional Manager-Services, which he currently holds.

Mr. Alexander is a trained Cargo and Aircraft Operations specialist and is certified by TSA in Customs and Boarder Control Supply Chain Management as well as Aviation Security. He is also ISPS trained and certified. He sits as a member of the Company’s Senior management Committee, Core Disaster Preparedness Committee and he holds the portfolio of Manager, Security and Premises.

Sheldon Alexander

Mr. Alexander holds a number of national and voluntary service positions including Director – Air Transport Licensing Board (2022-present), a member of the Grenada Tourism Authority Nautical Committee (2017-present) and Director and Chairman of Westmorland School Board of Management (2016-present).

The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Huggins offers sincere congratulations to Messrs. Bryan Strachan and Sheldon Alexander.

Geo. F. Huggins and Company Grenada Limited is a 100% Grenadian owned business which operates seventeen departments across thirteen multi-sectoral divisions and employs over 500 Grenadians.


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