Grenada Invitational Cancelled

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Monday May 27th, 2024 

Fellow Grenadians, Track and Field Enthusiasts 

From its inception, the Grenada Invitational was billed as a World Class Event,  showcasing some of the best athletes from around the world.  

On three memorable occasions, we delivered on that promise. 

Justin Gatlin, La Shawn Merrit, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, Veronica Campbell- Brown,  Kim Collins, Stephen Gardiner and Tobi Amusan are some of the major global track  and field stars Grenadians got to see compete up-close in 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

As a nation we proved we can dream big; and then work hard collectively to bring it  into a glorious reality. 

The inaugural Grenada Invitational in 2017 provided the perfect occasion for the  athletic stadium to be named after our Olympic Hero, Kirani James as he competed  for the first time, professionally, on home soil. 

The success of an undertaking such as the Grenada Invitational requires the cooperation, commitment and dedication of several agencies, organizations,  corporations, associations and committees.  

Most of the time, we had that. But rreviving the world class meet post-covid has been a major challenge, inclusive  of the state of disrepair of the track at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium in 2023. 

While 2024 provided a unique opportunity in an Olympic Year, the prevailing socio economic challenges at home and in the region threw up major challenges.

Our dream was to deliver on an event befitting of a nation proudly celebrating its  50th anniversary of independence; and to provide a Paris send-off to our own modern day Olympic heroes – Kirani James, chasing an unprecedented fourth medal;  Lindon Victor a multitalented athlete poised to capture the world and Anderson  Peters, set to add to his two World Championships titles. 

It is a huge undertaking that requires even more than before, the full cooperation  and support of several entities to deliver. 

This being 40 years since our first Olympic appearance, we also wanted to celebrate  all the nation’s Olympians from the past. 

But, despite the best efforts of the Board of Directors and the Local Organising Team  of the Grenada Invitational, the synergy, the enthusiasm, the energy, and the commitment to produce a once-in-a generation event did not materialise.  

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The prevailing local and regional economic environment has made it extremely  difficult for us to get the level of sponsorship and general support needed to pull off  a Meet of this magnitude. 

Other local providers have been otherwise so challenged, and they have found it  difficult to make the levels of commitment that they have done in the past. 

We, the organizers of the Grenada Invitational obviously cannot stage such an event  without the level of support befitting of a world class event. 

With time running out, the Board of Directors of the Grenada Invitational took the  painful decision at a meeting late Monday May 27 to cancel the 2024 Grenada Invitational, as well as round up, for good, the franchise and brand that is Grenada  Invitational. 

We are extremely pleased that we were able to bring to Grenada quality, world class  athletic competition. We would like to commend and extend a hearty thank you to all  who contributed, in one way or the other, to the 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions of the  Grenada Invitational. 

To our Past Olympians it is our hope that you will be honoured in a manner you so  richly deserve. To Kirani James, thank you for all you have and continue to do for Grenada. Your successes gave birth to the idea and eventually the event – the Grenada  Invitational.  

To Anderson Peters and Lindon Victor, who have already qualified for Paris 2024, any  position, any level of attainment will be reason to celebrate and be proud.  

Again, we say thank you – the Grenada Invitational was not just a meet about competing  athletes but also served to show the benefits of Sports Tourism as it attracted viewership from millions across the world via the ESPN platform. 

We have run the good race – and you the people of Grenada can indeed take a lap of  honor. 

Let us all look back, not with regret, but with pride.  

And let us look forward with an unbounding hope – and with the knowledge that every  time we come together, there is nothing we cannot achieve as a nation. 

Grenada Invitational

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