Grenada Cultural Foundation extend condolences on the passing of Cultural Icon Mr. Winston Fleary

The late Winston Fleary


St. George’s, Grenada, December 2019: “No one has done more to keep the rich African traditions of the 13 square miles island of Carriacou alive, in particular the Big Drum Nation Dance than Winston T. Fleary”. This is how the bio fittingly describes Winston Fleary, a man who has served the cultural fraternity with distinction.

The cultural Foundation is deeply saddened as to the passing of such a bastion of culture. Winston Fleary stood resolute to our ancestral African culture living and breathing the ways of our African peoples.

He was a distinguished gentleman who lead the Big Drum movement in the sister isle of Carriacou and exposed it to an international audience from time to time. Although he planned for a medical career, he instead fulfilled his dreams by setting up a folk life program in New York for the Big Drum Nation Dance and the music of the people of Carriacou. The rest is history, for he took his group throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Mr. Fleary has been a drummer, dancer, singer and leader of countless Big Drum events.

He was made a Cultural Ambassador of Grenada in 2011 and in 2017; he received the Prime Minister’s lifetime Achievement Award from the Grenada Cultural Foundation.

A strong personality that was filled with confidence as to his heritage and people. He never wavered to express his true Africanism and with great admiration and poise, he carried out the distinctive African garbs as a chieftain.

Although we mourn with the rest of the nation over his lost, we are thankful and appreciative of the legacy he created and the profound and poignant manner by which he ensured that our important African culture remained in perpetuity.

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We express our deepest condolences to his family and dear ones especially to the people of Carriacou.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Grenada Cultural Foundation

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