FLOW advises St. George’s fire impacts fixed services in some downtown areas.

FLOW lines engulfed in flames during the Jan 9th, 2020 early morning fire











Flow advises St. George’s fire impacts fixed services in some downtown areas

Flow wishes to advise that due to this mornings’ fire in the town of St. George’s some Fixed Services – Broadband, Voice and TV – were impacted within limited areas of St. George’s. Particularly, customers in Bruce Street Mall, Melville Street and Gore Street, as well as intermittent pockets of the Western Coast; including Happy Hill and Gouyave; may experience interruptions in service.

Most services have already been restored in these areas however some customers may continue to experience loss of service or intermittent outages. Flow technical teams continue to work to rectify any remaining customer issues as quickly as possible.

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Flow apologizes for any inconveniences caused and extends sympathies to those residents and businesses affected by this tragic fire. We remain thankful that no lives were reported as lost and for the quick response of Grenada Fire Service professionals.

We will continue to provide further updates as more information becomes available.

Jelani Glean Marketing & Communications Executive jelani.glean@cwc.com | Office: 1-473-441-2471 | Mob: 1-473-405-8080 P.O. Box 119, Mt. Hartman, St. George, Grenada

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