Fay Ann set to launch new band in Jamaica

Fay Ann Lyons is defending comments she made to a Jamaican newspaper

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Fay Ann Lyons is defending comments she made to a Jamaican newspaper in which she outlined reasons Jamaica Carnival is becoming popular.

Speaking to the Jamaica Gleaner about her new band Rebellion, which will be launched on December 8 in Jamaica, Lyons said:

“People will ask, ‘Are you going to Jamaica for carnival, too?’ and I will be like, ‘Yeah, I am going to be there’ and the next thing you hear is ‘OK, that means I don’t need to go to Trinidad’. That should never happen. Any consideration for a toss-up should be for persons to go to Trinidad and if possible hit up Jamaica after.”

“Carnival enthusiasts are weighing the options against Trinidad because of, one, the accessibility, and two, a cost factor. Also, persons don’t need to take two weeks of their lives to go to Jamaica for carnival because there are constant flights to and out of Jamaica. They can land Friday, party in the night then again on Saturday, and play mas on Sunday then go back home. The flights are affordable and run in a way that is convenient. You can, ultimately, stretch your money in Jamaica from transportation to hotel accommodations to food,” she told the newspaper.

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Her comments resulted in some calling for a boycott of Jamaica’s Carnival while others labelled the two-time Soca Monarch and three-time Road March champion as disloyal.

When contacted, Lyons told Loop that at no time did she say Jamaica’s Carnival was better than T&T and she was merely stating facts.

“If I am disloyal then everybody who is doing mas and events in Jamaica is just as disloyal. I am now going into Jamaica with a band,” she said.

Jamaica’s Carnival has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last three years with the emergence of multiple bands that collaborate with bands from Trinidad such as Tribe and YUMA. FULL STORY>>

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