Spicemas Corporation Outlines Event Requirements and Guidelines with Carnival Event Promoters

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Cross section of Promoters at the meeting | Photo: Spicemas Corporation

St. George’s, Grenada 25 June 2024 – The Spicemas Corporation (SMC) hosted a meeting for event promoters on Thursday, 20 June 2024, focusing on the essential requirements and guidelines for hosting events during the 2024 carnival season, from 4 May to 20 August 2024. The meeting was attended by 23 promoters and featured presentations from the SMC and key government stakeholders directly involved in producing Grenada’s largest cultural festival.


Cecil Noel, CEO of the Spicemas Corporation, expressed his satisfaction with the meeting’s outcome. “The cooperation and active participation of our promoters are vital for the success of Spicemas. By ensuring that all licensed promoters are informed and compliant with the necessary regulations, we can deliver a safe, enjoyable, and culturally enriching carnival experience for all.”

According to the Spicemas Act, permission to hold a carnival festival or activity in a designated area must be obtained from the Board of the Spicemas Corporation. With the application period now open, the SMC recommends that promoters apply at least one month in advance. The application fee is $10, and the licence fee is 5% of the total entrance fees collected, which are dependent on the number of patrons and the entrance fees to the event.  As part of the process, event promoters must also obtain approval from the Royal Grenada Police Force to use amplified music and the Ministry of Labour for the appropriate work permit where applicable. 


Superstars Jeverson, Patrice Roberts, Sabrina Francis, Lila Iké And Mr. Killa Electrify Crowds


Superintendent Esau Pierre from the Royal Grenada Police Force at the meeting, outlined the procedures for event start and stop times, applying for sound amplification, venue regulations, and traffic management. He emphasized the importance of adhering to these guidelines to ensure public safety and smooth operations during carnival events.


Representatives from the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority highlighted the critical need for proper garbage disposal. Promoters were informed that they must have a comprehensive garbage management plan for their events and are responsible for cleaning the venue and ensuring that waste is disposed of at the Perseverance Landfill.


The Inland Revenue Department discussed the importance of paying relevant taxes associated with hosting events. Promoters were reminded of their obligations to ensure compliance with tax regulations to support the national economy.


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The Ministry of Labour provided information on the application process for work permits, stressing that applications must be submitted at least one month in advance. This ensures that all necessary legal requirements are met for any non-national performers.

SMC specifically informed the promoters about the period from 8 to 13 August, during which they will be permitted to feature a maximum of two non-national performers in their programmes. This measure is intended to promote and highlight local talent during the peak of the carnival season.


The promoters were high in praise for the meeting, with most of their concerns, queries and general comments being addressed by the panel representing the various governmental organisations. They requested that more of these engagements be held to discuss issues and resolve challenges they face, especially this time of the year.


The Spicemas Corporation remains committed to supporting promoters and ensuring that all events are held to the highest standards, contributing to the overall success and vibrancy of Grenada’s carnival season.


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