A Humble suggestion to our Soca Artistes: Choose the lyrics of your songs carefully


Gerry Hopkin

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Dear Soca Artistes, please avoid promoting or glamorizing drunkenness, use of our women as sex objects to be abused, and the destruction of private or public property, which you don’t own.

For example, there ‘ent nothing wrong with putting down a whyne, or age-appropriately doing one with a dancing partner whose consent you have — if its just about clean fun.

However, when we start talking about the anaconda in one’s pants ‘jamming on a woman’s [rear],‘ we transform that moment into a sexual act.

Suggestion: try leaving certain things to the imagination. Be subtle — try using innuendo; avoid graphic language — as exemplified by some of our great-legendary calypsonians of the past.

As you write or when you choose to use lyrics written by someone else, kindly consider this: your audience includes minors — children under 18 who are not yet ready for the responsibilities which accompany or result from sexual acts, drunken behavior and destruction of people’s property.

You are an influencer. You have fans who listen to and follow you. Your words and your style do impact society, especially our youths, many of whom are struggling to meet their needs (job, food, shelter, clothes, healthcare) in the Caribbean and elsewhere, and who unfortunately turn to alcohol to help them escape their dismal realities.

Soca artistes, please, in every way possible, uplift and celebrate in fun-filled ways, the fine attributes of who we are as a Caribbean people, while you preserve and continue to develop our culture.

We love you and we need you — each one of you.

Gerry Hopkin, JD
Managing Editor | Consultant | CEO
Caribbean American Arts Review | CAAR
HCG Communications
Hopkins Consulting Group LLC

Note: The views above are those of the writer and not necessarily the views of partygrenada.com 

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