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Breakfast @ Blue Bubbles Beenie Man Pool Party Sunshine Promotions Return Concert Jiggers Wet Fete Carriacou Jouvert
01-01-12 22.01.12 11.02.12 19-02-12 20-02-12

Carriacou Pageant (Monday) Carriacou Carnival Monday Night Mas Carriacou Shakespeare Mas Carriacou Parade of the Bands WG Promotions "Oh Bachannal" Fete at Karma
20-02-12 20-02-12 21-02-12 21-02-12 25-02-12

Summercrew Mas Band Launch St. Lucia Drag Wars Day 1 St. Lucia Drag Wars Day 2 Victoria Reservoir Jam Bucket vs Cooler Fete
24-03-12 13-04-12 14-04-02 29-04-12 30-04-12

Sunshine Promotions "A night of Love" Concert Summercrew Posse Cruise Foam Fanatics 5 Heineken Flip Flops Fete Spectrum Wet Fete
05-05-12 13-05-12 13-05-12 13-05-12 27-05-12

Carnival City Garfields Summer LIME Carnival City Garfields Summer LIME White in the Moonlight G1 White in the Moonlight G2 Monday Night Mas
06-06-12 20-06-12 11-08-12 11-08-12 13-08-12

Konshens at BossFM Studio Sunshine Promotions  "Gyal ah Bubble"
03-11-12 03-11-12

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