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Thank you to all who made Carriacou's Carnival a success

Congratulations to Ms. Carriacou 2012, Jermilia Joseph Congratulations to Soca Monarch King "Skinny Banton" Congratulations to Calypso Monarch "Killa B" Congratulations to Road March King "Shortpree"
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Carriacou Carnival 2012 Queen Contestants
Andia Simon Damali Phillip

Gloria Wells

Jermilia Joseph

Marilyn Moses

Age :20

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Representing: Beausejour

Age: 19
Zodiac sign-Taurus
Representing: Grenada

Age: 18

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Presenting: Lauristan

Age: 20

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Represent: Belmont, Bellevue and Harvey-Vale


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Representing: Mt Royal


Shanel & Associate "True Revelers" Carnival Band Carnival 2012

Contact: 405-7344 | 418-9425 | 449-9208 | 419-9903 | 419-2361

Loyalty Passion Strength Spontaneity Obsession
Both Female & Male Costumes cost EC$50

Calendar of Events & Updates
Soca Monarch $ 30.00
Queen Show $ 25.00
De manche Gras $ 20.00
Dates Events Venue Time
Friday, Jan 27th Village Launch Dover 7pm
Saturday, Jan 28th Village Launch L'esterre 7pm
Sunday, Jan 29th Village Launch Bogles 7pm
Friday, Feb 3rd Calypso Semi-Final Hillsborough Tennis Court 9pm
Saturday, Feb 5th Road Show (Not a CCC event) Beausejour 6pm
Saturday, Feb 11th Soca Monarch Semi-Final Hillsborough Tennis Court 9pm
Wednesday, Feb 15th Road Show Hillsborough (by the Jupa) 6pm

Friday, Feb 17th

Soca Monarch Final Hillsborough Playing Field    Tkts: $30 9pm

Saturday, Feb 18th

Queen Show Hillsborough Playing Field    Tkts: $25 9pm
Saturday, Feb 18th Jiggers after Queen show White Affair Party After Hours Night Club 10pm
Sunday, Feb 19th The Real Jab Jab Cruise Depart Grenada to Carriacou 12pm
  Cruise Price $100 return (includes Jouvert package)  
Sunday, Feb 19th Jiggers Wet Fete (Not a CCC event) After Hours Night Club Parking Lot 3pm
Sunday, Feb 19th Calypso Finals Hillsborough Playing Field    Tkts: $20 9pm
Sunday, Feb 19th Camboulay Mt. Royal (drumming begins at midnight) 8pm
Monday, Feb 20th Carnival Monday - Jouvert Streets of Hillsborough 4am
  Jouvert Bands: D Rush Jouvert Band  |  The Real Jab Jab  
  Pageant/ King & Queen of the Band Streets of Hillsborough 3pm
  Monday Night Mas Streets of Hillsborough 8pm
  The Real Jab Jab Cruise Depart Carriacou back to Grenada 12am
Tuesday, Feb 21st, 2012 Carnival Tuesday - Shakespeare Mas Mt. Royal, 6 Roads, Brunswick & Hillsborough 9am
  L'Esterre Jouvert L'Esterre 5am
  Parade of Bands @ Hillsborough Streets Streets Hillsborough 3pm
  People’s Choice Soca Monarch Hillsborough (by the Jupa) 9pm
Please note that the above information is subject to without notice



Calypso Finalists   (takes place Sun 19th, Feb)

Name Sobriquet Points (from Semi-Finals)
Brendon McKie Killer-B 255
Shermaine Simon                Super-Girl 225
Janin Joseph Brown skyn J 222
Shorn Chase  Crate 216
Anthony Douglas      Sugar-Patch 204
Hubert  Alexander              Hugo 186
Makiesha Simon and Fire Princess Nerissa Fortune matie 161
Shanda Charles Shanda 158
Kenneth Enoe Discipline 154
Kevin Samuel Boneless 148
Dave Augustine super-D 140
Killotips Thomas  Wilson 118
The above information was submitted on February 14th, 2012 by Rawle Paterson of Carriacou. Please note that the above information is subject to without notice.


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Brief Description of Carriacou's Carnival

Carnival celebrations in Carriacou are held from the weekend before the start of the Christian Lenten period. In the tradition of Caribbean Carnivals, these celebrations include calypso competitions and the parade of brightly costumed masqueraders thorugh the streets of the main villages.

Unique to Carriacou Carnival is the Shakespeare Mas, in which brightly dressed Peirrots engage in a battle of wits using only lines from Shakespearean plays. The competitor without a quick reply earns a playful stroke from his opponent's stick.

Although the Carnival entails many aspects of the main land's Carnival, this event is quite spectacular in its very own unique way.
Source: Grenada Board of Tourism


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