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Bulk SMS (Text Messaging)
What is Bulk SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS is also often referred to as texting, sending text messages or text messaging. The service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone or from the Web to another cell phone. Bulk SMS is the cheapest and fastest Marketing Tool used in the World today by many for marketing campaigns, events, promotions etc. There are many other options used for mobile marketing, but none of them gets the message across faster than a simple SMS.

Who uses Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS is used mostly by Night Club Owners, event Managers and Disaster Management Offices throughout the World. However it is not limited to those mentioned as it is an ideal feature for Businesses who run AD Campaigns, product specials etc
Why use Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS or "text messaging" as it's commonly known is the fastest way to get your message out to your contacts, friends, family, co-workers, business associates and perspective patrons for an event you may be hosting.
Bulk Database
Our database as of April 30th, 2016 consist of 5,094 units (mobile numbers). Both Mobile Service Providers make up that database and all the numbers in that database were submitted to partygrenada via our website's submission section on our site's mainpage. Please note that we cannot and will not share our database with anyone.
Our Bulk SMS RAtes
Event Promoters: 0.10 cents per unit (eg. 1000 numbers - $100.00EC) Must be paid in advance
* Rates are subject to change without notice
Need further information?
Feel free to contact us via E-Mail: events@partygrenada.com | partygrenada@gmail.com or by calling 443-2769 or 405-2769

* PLEASE NOTE that Partygrenada.com does not have any control over the transfer or delivery time of messages sent. While we may have the option to schedule times for messages to be sent, we don't have the option to control the actual transfer or delivery of the message as we have no Administrative access to the Network being used to send the text messages.  For privacy and security reasons we cannot share or divulge any information regarding our bulk texting list except the quantity of numbers we have in our list.




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